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Problems of Higher Education in RA. Anna Araqelyan

What is the role of education in a person’s life, which people are considered
educated and why is it so necessary to get an education? These are questions that
concern each of us. Most people know that it is necessary:
Get an education, but few know why. Education is one of the most important
spheres of social life, on the functioning of which it depends
Mental, cultural and moral condition of the country, education is currently
the sector with the most beneficiaries. And thanks to that education
As a result of the received knowledge, discoveries are born, which
Improve the lives of all of us. And with us, around us, there are
undiscovered Einsteins and Newtons living together, and we really have to
admit that especially now, in the modern world of man
For the role of education is very big, which unfortunately few people
understand, especially when many other modern fields are developing in
parallel, which are more
Are profitable, and therefore the more educated are capable of better quality
work and therefore will earn more than others.
Chinese businessman Jack Mann, one of the 100 most influential people, said:
“If we don’t change the way and the principles of education, then we will have a
problem, we can’t teach our children to compete with machines, they are smarter”,
but at the same time we must not forget that the creators of these machines are
people and one cannot disagree with Mai’s idea with the fact that we should invest
heavily in children from an early age, from kindergarten, school, and we should
teach children to be creative, that is, to be what machines cannot be and to do what
they cannot do, and we must instill in them other values, let’s teach critical
thinking, team work, care for people, environment, and certainly we can’t transfer
it with knowledge alone, and unlike machines, we humans have hearts, senses,
feelings, not chips.
And since ancient times, people have known that the most important thing is
school and education. And we have to agree that lately the school prepares a
different world of life, which most of the time does not even exist and, as a student,
speaking of the current education in Armenia about quality and education in
general, I cannot but mention that it is in a terrible state. And until now, this implemented changes have not had any impact on quality improvement in action.
Especially the post-Covid-19 changes unfortunately, they have not improved
either: the general learning process and everything has remained unchanged, again
children study unconsciously, under the pressure of their parents, for high grades,
students for the diploma, student environment, memories, not the field.
In order to become qualified and the best specialist, to contribute to the
development of the country, but what is done by the educators, they do nothing to
cooperate with the student, to make the curriculum more interesting, modern, so
that the student loves both the subject and subject: Few are given the honor of
being a teacher in general, because many become educators, having no other
choice, as a result, both the child and the “teacher” could not become the specialist
he dreamed of, because he dreamed of working in another field, and therefore, as a
result, we have the following picture.
And yes, our current education system can be said doesn’t meet the requirements
of the current times, there are very few schools and very few teachers who can
regularly make the school process informal and that is the main reason that the
majority of young people prefer informal education, I myself recently mentioned
during my interview that I currently prefer non-formal education, because I learn
not only hard but also soft skills and knowledge, I have experience that is more
necessary for my future and work.
And unfortunately I didn’t find these through formal education, otherwise I
wouldn’t have invested extra time in volunteering, seminars and informal education
in general, and what we get through informal education we can’t find elsewhere,
but at the same time I understand my and the importance of higher education in the
life of the rest, but as a result, thanks to informal education, we self-educate,
develop, develop our personal growth, which will help us in the future more than
the lesson assigned by the teacher of that day, which has nothing to do with our
professional orientation. As a result, we have the following picture: currently there
are 55 universities in Armenia, 44 of which are located only in Yerevan, and many
young people are engaged in informal education in their region, they receive more
than what is given in schools, they stand out earlier and as a result, they work even
from their own homes and build their future, forgetting about higher education,
that’s why we have so few applicants now.
And those same young people save time, money and much more resources,
because as a result, they would not have received by entering the university the
knowledge and skills they need, whereas nowadays, thanks to online, free courses
and courses, you can get the knowledge they should have acquired in four years faster, and I must dare say that the mistake is on both sides; we are our young
people do not value education, even higher education, and universities do not
provide the relevant knowledge and experience so that applicants have the desire to
continue their education.
To realize that apart from the university, that knowledge, experience will not be
found anywhere.
And I can single out several reasons, according to which we currently have such a
low number of applicants, first I must single out that the university was associated
with a diploma, and the diploma was associated with a job, then I must mention
that it has become very easy to enter universities abroad , you can find knowledge
for free on the Internet, in many universities the professors still do not correspond
to the modern world and teaching the weather is very weak, although there are a
few exceptions and these problems are many, and in addition, among young
people, the university has already been devalued and many stereotypes have arisen,
which have an impact, because parallel to them, the correctness of the latter is
proved by the examples of those who live next to us.
And in the end, each of us should make education important in our lives, because if
we don’t have a good education, a good education system, we can’t have a good
country, and thanks to that education we have such a value system to realize our
The importance in our life and how much we will contribute to the betterment of
our future and our country, or by chance they say do not fight with hands, do not
educate with hands, and every investment made by us for our future is an
investment for the country, because education is the most powerful weapon, which
we can use to change the world and therefore ourselves and our country.
So we can safely say that without education it is impossible to live in the modern
world, although many may disagree, but nothing can replace properly delivered
education, even informal education, unfortunately, such a system does not work at
present in Armenia, but everything depends on us, if we have a high level of
consciousness and realize that we are the generation whose now everything is
concentrated in our hands and we will use the resources we have and provided to
us, then, be sure, we will have it the system that many countries would dream of,
everything depends only on us and our wishes. And if we want to change in our
country? The form and quality of education, then let’s first start with ourselves,
change ourselves, then our attitude towards the environment, do our work with love and fill ourselves with faith in the future and that same let us also fill others
with faith. It all starts with us…

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