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Unemployment in the second city of RA. Azatuhi Hovakimyan

The problem of lack of jobs is still undeniable in Gyumri, the second largest and most populated city in Armenia.

If during the years of the USSR it was not possible to find an able-bodied unemployed citizen in the entire system, then in the 21st century we have a pitiful index. The unemployment rate in Shirak region continues to be the highest in the whole country.

One of the most worrying reasons is the lack of experience. why… would an employer offer a job to a prospective employee who has many years of work experience, while an employee who is supposed to have just graduated from high school needs a job to gain work experience? This seemingly endless chain seems to have no end. As for the paid trial period, the employer disagrees. In such a status, a citizen seeking a job agrees to every condition, just so as not to be without a job.

According to, the head of the Gyumri Employment Center, Amalya Adamyan, states that one of the reasons is salaries below the minimum limit of 68,000. The unemployed turn down low-paying job vacancies in favor of family benefits, even though it is impossible to support a family on that benefit.
As of October 1, 2008, the unemployment rate in Shirak region was 12.9 percent. 15 thousand 200 job-seeking citizens were registered in the region, 80 percent of whom were unemployed. Of course, women predominated, and 62.2 percent of those without a job were laborers.

We learned about this from website.

Already in 2019, the website presented an index, according to which the facts still spoke about the fact that after about 11 years, the picture has not gone to a positive change.

In that year, more than 10,000 unemployed people were registered in the regional employment center of Gyumri alone, and in 2018, only 1,316 people were able to get a job through the employment center.

According to our Facebook surveys, many unemployed claim that the employer gives preference to young people, and the latter emphasize that either there is discrimination against them and they perform other jobs in addition to their duties, for which they are not paid extra, or they simply become another unemployed person in Shirak Marz: journalist Karine Kazarova presented a new article on May 18, 2022, where she told why vacancies in Shirak region are not being filled. In order to find out all this, “Akhuryan” Community Development Association conducted an analysis of the labor market within the framework of the “Competitive Youth in the Labor Market” program. It turned out that there are more than 300 vacancies in the region, which have not been filled for about 3 months.

Levon Igityan, president of “Akhuryan” community development association, noted that unemployment in Shirak marz is caused by several factors. The first was and still is sub-minimum wage, requiring long hours instead. Then it comes to the lack of professional potential. resume and CV submission, skills shortage issue.

While Gyumri has become a city of domestic and foreign tourism, at the moment, most of the vacant positions are in the service sector, which remain vacant, Levon Igityan explained.

-The main problem of this image is the mentality of the people of our region. the given person may work as a waiter in the capital or in another city of the republic, but they do not work in Shirak marz. are elusive.

Shirak marz and its regional center Gyumri still lead the first honorable position in the list of unemployment.

As a future journalist analyzing the situation, I suggest that job-seeking citizens first of all familiarize themselves with the Labor Code of the Republic of Armenia and learn and recognize their rights, because:

-This Code regulates collective and individual labor relations, defines the basis and procedure for the origin, modification and termination of these relations, the rights and responsibilities of the parties to labor relations, responsibility, as well as the conditions for ensuring the safety and health of employees.

The article was written by Azatuhi Hovakimyan, a participant in the second round of the “Article Contest” organized by the “Restart Gyumri” Initiative Center NGO.

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