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Establishment of a community museum-studio. Ara Ghevondyan

Every village, every city in Armenia has its historical and cultural monuments, rich cultural and non-cultural heritage, he said that Armenia is an open-air museum. Each community has its own nature, its own color. Certain types of arts are developed for the local people, by communicating with people (especially young women, students) you understand that the residents have an unspeakable desire to work. Also taking into account the tangible local factors of economic development of the communities (data on the geographical location of the community, climatic conditions, infrastructure, public services, local taxes, fees and charges, other internal resources). Based on all this, I came up with the idea of ​​a “Museum Studio”, which has its own museum, it employs guides who know the secrets of the history, culture, other secrets of the community, their guests, tourists in Armenian, Russian, English. They can present the history and culture of their community in an accessible way. Guides can accompany tourists throughout the community, get acquainted with beautiful places, cultural monuments. The studio has an educational section where children learn sewing, pottery, beadwork, embroidery, painting, etc. Students in each group will simultaneously study languages, culture, first aid and environmental courses. Classes will not be conducted in the classical way, there will be no homework, lessons will be conducted by innovative methods, non-traditional, for example, by the methods of Maria Montessori. The studio will include villagers, mainly active young people, women and girls. The goal is for the women of the community – active young people, students to be involved in the work, to use their experience and knowledge for the prosperity of the community, at the same time the children to have active entertainment, to be interested in everyday life, to gain new knowledge. The studio will be available for guests, they will have the opportunity to enter the studio, look, even make something with their own hands. I can even see how each classroom is furnished or the walls are painted. The students of the studio will only provide some symbolic money, which will be used to improve the conditions of the studio. The revitalization of community life will inevitably lead to the development of the economy. The community has its own dishes, the color, the entrance of a large number of guests implies the activation of the service sector։ trade.

How I use inclusion in this program. Nowadays we often use the word Inclusion or Integration, which aims to involve people with disabilities, religious-linguistic features, or gifted individuals in general education, vocational education, and other fields. In my opinion, they should also take an active part in the affairs of the community. This program is one of the best ways to get in touch with them again, to get involved in these other different activities, through which to get involved in educational and community events.

The program will definitely develop tourism, stimulate the development of the educational level in the community, and this in turn will lead to the development of infrastructure and the improvement of the social situation.

The community government can support the Museum-Studio project in a variety of ways, such as providing a community building for the project, assisting with electricity, water supply, garbage collection, providing community-owned property to the studio, and providing a community car. To relocate, to help with paperwork, to provide a portion of the tax revenue each month for studio expenses, and so on.

The article was written by Ara Ghevondyan, a participant in the second round of the “Article Contest” organized by the “Restart Gyumri” Initiative Center NGO

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